My Berlin visit

My Berlin visit

My Berlin visit- Snippets from my visit to Berlin, Germany with the University to attend the fashion week.During my master’s term while at Manchester Metropolitan university , i got the opportunity to visit Berlin to attend the Berlin fashion week and it was a great experience.

Here are some of the memories of the trip, in images of the beautiful city, art, architecture, fashion week and of course the food. How can i write a post and not share food! Thats what we are here for. Right ?

The places we visited

Road towards Reichstag building
Walking towards the Reichstag building

Mustafas- Gemuse kebap.
The most famous Kebab point in Berlin- Mustafas- Gemuse kebap.

The most famous Kebab point in Berlin. We queued here for an hour in the chilling, cold night and by the time we were close, the place ran out of the kebabs, and we had no patience left to wait another few minutes for him to grill new ones.

So we left without having a taste of these ! Bad timing and bad luck .The place is called Mustafas- Gemuse kebap.If you get a chance do try these. If you are looking for more food and places to eat in Berlin, check it out here.

The Skies
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie-Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War (1947–1991).

Yeah! i got my passport stamped .

Berlin Wall Memorial
Berlin Wall Memorial
Charlottenburg Palace!
Charlottenburg Palace!

The food

Dinner plate at the Restaurant 1840
Dinner at the Restaurant 1840.
Pretzel -yummmmmm !

The best Pretzel we had at the stations in Berlin – Ditsch , at just 80cents and it was the soooooo good- our go to snack every evening.

The fashion week exhibition glimpses -Premium, SEEK, Panorama, and Neo Nyt.

3D printing techniques, Sustainable fabrics like recycled ocean bottles, vegan plant based fabrics, recycled Denim , leathers made using apples, cactus ,pineapple leaves , mushrooms and more was there .

Berlin fashion week
Berlin fashion week
Apple skin leather bags
Berlin fashion week
Appleskin leather bags
Apple skin leather bags
Recycling denim
Denim recycling

Yes ,you read it right, that is apple skin.Though it has nothing to do with eating, it’s a sustainable alternative to leather.

Thats apple skin leather made out of real apples, and the other picture is the denim being recycled.Some amazing ways to explore and adopt sustainable fashion and living.

The Yummy Macolat chocolates and the amazing hot lunch we had at one of the food stalls- Vegan Swedish meatballs.Loved them .I have shortlisted a vegan Swedish meatball recipe and another one for chicken Swedish meatballs for you guys to try incase you just decided you want this for dinner tonight.

Berlin fashion week
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Berlin fashion week
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Hope you guys loved this sneak peek into my Berlin Trip.Berlin is a city that has so much history to it. Here is a great article on Top facts about Berlin, if you are interested to know more about Berlin’s history. If you are planning a trip to Berlin , my fellow bloggers have some amazing posts on Berlin travels. Do check these out-

Tell me about your favourite experiences, the food you enjoyed, or your disappointments while you travelled . Are there any places that you want to recommend.Let me know all of this in the comments.I would love to read your stories, and experiences.Tag these using #tworollingfeet and #frombowltosoul_.

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